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Did You Know Sliding Wardrobe Doors Can Help With Storage?

Published on 10th April 2022

When it comes to storage, there are many different options depending on the space you have. Sliding wardrobes are the perfect solution in many situations! With these sliding wardrobes, you can turn unused space into a functional area.

Our team at Sliding Robes Direct offers you top tips for organising your sliding wardrobe door to help you keep your space tidy and clutter-free! So what are you waiting for? Let's find the perfect storage solution for you!

What Are Sliding Wardrobe Doors, And What Are They Used For?


Sliding wardrobe doors are doors that slide open instead of swinging open. They're perfect for small spaces, as they don't require any extra floor space to open, so there's no risk of the doors knocking against furniture or walls in small spaces.

One of the main benefits of sliding wardrobe doors is making efficient storage space. You can use them to store clothes, blankets, shoes, and other items. This is a great way to free up some extra room in your home by using the space you have more efficiently. Some sliding wardrobes come fully equipped with shelves and drawers that can be neatly hidden behind sliding wardrobe doors. 

Another great thing about sliding wardrobe doors is that they can last a supremely long time if cared for correctly. Meaning, regardless of the initial cost, they are cheaper than other options in the long run.

What Are Some Tips For Organising Items In Sliding Wardrobe Doors?


There are many different ways you can organise your storage space. Here are just a few of them:

1. Store items vertically in a stacking system. This is a great way to maximise your storage space, as you can use the back and sides of the sliding door. If you have many items of different sizes, you can also add shelving units to your sliding wardrobes. 
2. Use baskets with lids for small accessories or shoes. Larger baskets can be used for jumpers, jeans, towels, etc. At the same time, clear boxes can be used for small accessories or undergarments.
3. Use hooks and hangers to keep coats, shirts, belts, etc., organised and off the floor. While you can buy these items at a shop, you might already have some in your home that you can use! Sticky hooks are easy to apply and remove and will allow you to hang things on the inside of your sliding wardrobe door.
4. Add rolling racks to hold your shoes. This is a great way to make your shoes more accessible, as you can slide them out of the closet when you need them and back in when they're not in use.

Wardrobe Storage

What Are Some Benefits Of Having Sliding Wardrobe Doors?


They're a great way to store items and free up space in your home, as you can use them to hide clutter from view. The sliding mechanism ensures that they close quietly behind you when you open them, so there's no risk of damaging your items or doors by slamming them.
Many people choose these doors because of their sleek appearance—sliding doors open up, don't take up any additional space, and can be designed to fit any space. They are made from a variety of materials to suit your interior design. 

Sliding doors offer excellent access to your wardrobe without using space in your room to open, meaning they are ideal for use in smaller and more compact rooms.

Choosing The Right Sliding Doors For You. 


If you add sliding doors to your wardrobe, you will not be short of choices for styles and designs. Regardless of your current style and decor, you will find several options which will match perfectly. Sliding Robes Direct offers a vast selection of sliding doors to match any home. Additionally, we offer first-class installation and customer service. 

In addition to the style of your sliding door, the shape can also be modified to meet your needs. For example, they can be designed to fit the irregular shape familiar in a loft conversion.

What Are Some Tips For Taking Care Of Sliding Wardrobe Doors?


It's essential to care for your sliding wardrobe doors to avoid breaking or becoming damaged. Here are a few tips on how to maintain them:

1. Make sure you keep the tracks clean and dust-free, as this can affect the movement of your doors.
2. Keep the screws tight, especially if you have young children who might play with them.
3. Wipe the doors down regularly to remove dust and dirt. Follow-up with a microfiber cloth for best results.
4. If you have used a glass design, use glass cleaning products to keep your sliding wardrobe doors looking fresh and clean!

Still, Have Questions?

Sliding wardrobe doors are a great way to free up space in your home without taking up any additional square footage. They're also easy to install, take no power tools or nails, and come with many different organisation possibilities. Are you still looking for more information about sliding wardrobes? Check out this article by Home Lane or contact us today!

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