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Fitted Sliding Wardrobes vs Freestanding Sliding Wardrobes

Published on 10th April 2022


By investing in sliding wardrobe doors, you can offer excellent potential for your home. However, before you take the leap and make your first sliding door purchase, we highly recommend you take a step back to consider whether fitted sliding wardrobes or freestanding sliding wardrobes might be a better solution for your home.

Here at Sliding Robes Direct, our experienced and professional team is here today to help you learn more about this topic. We have worked hard to put together this comprehensive guide to help you decide, once and for all, which option is the most suited for your property.

So, you've been looking to invest in sliding wardrobe doors for your home, but you're unsure whether to choose a freestanding model or a fitted option? If this is something you have been struggling to decide on, don't worry; our experts have come up with some key features of both fitted and freestanding sliding wardrobe doors to help you choose an option, both externally and internally, that best meets your unique requirements.

After all, everyone is different, and their needs and requirements for their wardrobe are different. You may want to store clothes or give yourself additional storage for your household clutter. Regardless of what you're looking for, this guide will help you decide whether a fitted or freestanding wardrobe is best!

Why Should You Consider Fitted Wardrobes?


When we think of sliding wardrobe doors, fitted wardrobes are probably what first comes to mind – and for a good reason. Indeed, made to measure fitted sliding wardrobes are superior to sliding wardrobe doors, comfortably recessed into the wall for maximum space and aesthetic appeal.

Fitted sliding wardrobes offer a lot, making them top-rated solutions for many homes and can be customised to suit your specific storage requirements. They look stunning, keeping your room more open and spacious, but they're also potentially safer than freestanding options as there's no risk of fitting wardrobes falling over. If you have little ones or pets in your home, fitted solutions may be the optimal choice.

Of course, the most notable drawbacks of installing fitted sliding wardrobes in your home have to be the time and cost requirements. Fitted designs can be more expensive, but the installation costs can certainly add up. This also represents an impracticality for your family while the wardrobes are installed. If you've been searching for a sliding door solution that won't be quite so disturbing or expensive, you may want to consider a freestanding sliding wardrobe instead. 

When Could Freestanding Wardrobe Be The Better Option?


While fitted wardrobes offer an excellent solution, freestanding sliding wardrobes are equally a popular option. Of course, they're not quite as versatile as fitted, custom-made designs, and they may leave a little more wasted space than a recessed design. Nevertheless, freestanding wardrobes are often a much more affordable solution. They don't come with the disturbances that fitted sliding wardrobes can provide – and are usually delivered and ready to use much more quickly. 

In addition, it's worth considering that freestanding sliding wardrobes offer a much more flexible solution than fitted wardrobes. Indeed, with a fitted wardrobe, you don't have the option to move the wardrobe once it's in place; however, freestanding wardrobes can be moved between rooms and even between houses if you relocate. They can also be sold if you decide that you'd like to change the style of your home, too – by contrast, fitted wardrobes cannot be easily sold or transferred, as they have been installed directly into your home 

The wide range of freestanding sliding wardrobe designs ensures that you can still make the most of the space, even without having the wardrobe explicitly fitted to your room. There are still plenty of excellent freestanding designs that can help keep your property looking at its best without going through the hassle of getting a custom-made, fitted design.

How Do you Choose?

Overall, no single factor can differentiate fitted and freestanding sliding wardrobes. In short, the decision will come down to your unique requirements for your new sliding wardrobe doors; with that being said, generally speaking, fitted sliding wardrobes are best suited to properties with minimal space availability and for safety.

Meanwhile, freestanding sliding wardrobes can offer an excellent, cost-effective wardrobe solution without conducting extensive installation work.

Still Unsure If Fitted Wardrobes Are Right For You?

Finding the most effective furniture and equipment for your home can often seem like a challenge, which is just as valid for your wardrobes. With this in mind, today, we've considered some of the key differences between fitted sliding wardrobes and freestanding sliding wardrobes.

Don't forget to keep your wardrobe neat; if you would like  Decluttering Lessons from an Incredible Closet Makeover, we recommend this blog by Better Homes and Gardens. Hopefully, this will help you make the right choice for your property's needs! For more content on topics such as "Did You Know Sliding Wardrobe Doors Can Help With Storage?" check out our blog. 

Still not sure which solution is best suited to your property? No worries; we offer top-class service to every customer here at Sliding Robes Direct. For more help, contact our great team today?  

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