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How to Choose the Right Sliding Wardrobes for your Space

Published on 10th April 2022


There's nothing more important than making sure you've invested in the right equipment and decor to suit you when it comes to your home. If you haven't already considered installing sliding wardrobe doors on your wardrobes, why? These doors provide a range of benefits, including space-saving features and offering a range of style and colour options to suit your space! 

However, when it comes to finding the ideal sliding wardrobe to suit your space, the task may seem daunting due to the many market options available and any customisation features offered. It's essential to consider exactly what you're looking for, the style you want, and what fun and unique storage options you are looking for. For more content on topics such as "Made To Measure Doors: Why Choose This Service?" check out our blog.

Fortunately, our team is here today to help with this goal – so, without further ado, we'll be considering some of the critical things you need to know about choosing the right sliding wardrobe for your property. After all, investing in any new furniture for your home is never a decision taken lightly. Still, with a little TLC and time, you'll be able to choose a stunning sliding wardrobe design that perfectly matches the aesthetics of your home.

What You Need to Consider When Choosing Sliding Wardrobes 


So, you've been looking to invest in a sliding wardrobe for your home – but you're not sure how to begin picking that perfect design? If this is something you have been considering, the following tips may help you choose a perfect wardrobe design for keeping with your home's overall style and aesthetic.

Remember – there are countless different sliding wardrobe designs and options on the market, so no matter what you might be looking for, there'll surely be a solution that meets your unique needs! Or, if you struggle to find one, bespoke sliding wardrobes could be the way to go as they are entirely customisable to suit your specific requirements.

Freestanding or Fitted Wardrobes? 


The first question you will need to ask yourself when it comes to your sliding wardrobe is whether you would prefer a made to measure fitted or freestanding model. Indeed, both freestanding and fitted sliding wardrobes can offer excellent versatility for your property, depending on your requirements.

Certainly, freestanding wardrobes are generally quicker and easier to install. They can be moved between houses and rooms easily – making them a convenient option, especially for people who move houses regularly. By contrast, fitted wardrobes cannot move once installed in your home.

Nevertheless, though you won't be able to move fitted wardrobes once they're in place, they offer a stunning aesthetic for your home and can be excellent ways to maximise your available space. If you lack space in your home and want to make the most of every inch of the floor, investing in a bespoke fitted wardrobe may provide a valuable solution for your needs.

Wardrobe Size 


So, you've decided whether a freestanding or fitted wardrobe will be most appropriate for your home; now, the next aspect to consider is the size of your chosen wardrobe. 

Many freestanding sliding wardrobes come in a wide array of different sizes. Meanwhile, fitted sliding wardrobes are often made-to-measure to the dimensions within your property precisely, ensuring a snug and effective fit once the wardrobe has been ordered and installed. 

Regardless of the sliding wardrobe you have opted for; we highly recommend considering a wardrobe that will fit comfortably within your room. Therefore, to be safe, you should consider your selected sliding wardrobe model's depth, width, and height before placing an order.

Colour Options and Aesthetic 


Once you have decided on either a freestanding or a fitted sliding wardrobe, you'll need to consider the fun part: the colour options and overall aesthetics of the sliding wardrobe doors! 

After all, when choosing a stunning wardrobe for your property, you must have considered whether the design will tie in with other features in your room. Colour, design, texturing, and the like should play a significant role in your chosen sliding wardrobe aesthetic. For a more practical effect, mirrored sliding wardrobe doors are excellent for making your bedroom space appear more prominent.

What Else Should You Consider When Choosing Your Wardrobe? 

You've narrowed down the ideal choice of sliding wardrobe for your home to just a handful of options – and, to give you the best chance of finding a sliding wardrobe that meets your unique requirements, you should now consider whether you'd like any additional extras. These might include an inbuilt vanity, shoe storage space, drawers, and mirrors; all of these factors can be available within your sliding wardrobe, making them versatile pieces of furniture to consider.

However, you may have to pay more if you want additional internal extras over the basic models, so you should consider this. If you would like tips to match your wardrobe with your home decor, check out this blog by Livingetc.

Finding the most stunning sliding wardrobe doors shouldn't have to be a major headache – and, with this in mind, we've outlined some of the critical things you need to know today. Still want to learn more we also have a blog outlining The Advantages and Disadvantages of Sliding Wardrobe Doors. If you would like to see some of the many styles available, contact Sliding Robes Direct today, and one of our great teams will be happy to help. 

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