Fitting Soft Close-Neptune, Tess Minimal, Venus, Alpha, Vega & Jupiter

Installing The Soft Close Pin

Take the pin and fit it into the top track, check that the pin is facing into the bedroom, and position the pin the same distance as the cup on the soft close when measured at rest (this should be 250mm), then drill a small pilot hole through the top track to allow a 25mm screw to be fitted, you will notice that the slot is oval to allow for fine adjustment if required.

To get maximum engagement in the soft close adjust the wheel on the soft close side of the door upwards, until it just bumps into the pin when the doors is slide across towards the wall, when resistance is felt back the wheel down by 1 turn and then the guide on the top will pass under the pin but allowing maximum engagement with for the pin in the cup.

It is possible, if required to gain extra clearance by cutting the pin down by 5mm.

Retro Fitting The Soft Close Mechanism

Remove the soft close and the 3 adaptors from the package, fit the adaptors into the 3 oval slots in the soft close, 1 either end and 1 in the centre, check that the adaptors are the right way round gently pushing the adaptors and the SC into the top rail of the door. When the cup grabs the pin in the resting position put the SC into a position where the cup is 250mm from the outside edge of the door, it will easily move left and right until it is in the right place.

Using the silver screws provided screw through the 2 end adaptors, so securing the position of the soft close, do not over tighten them. It is not possible to get a screw in the centre one but it will still support the SC.

Push the cap away from the piston to “Charge Up” the soft close. Now see INSTALLING THE SOFT CLOSE PIN above.

Video Showing Soft Close Installation