How to Fit Bi-Fold Doors

  • 1 Cut the track to length.

  • Before fixing the top track, insert the top pivot socket, the roller and positioner into the track. Fix the top track with screws, offsetting its face by: X =9mm.
  • Advice: Avoid applying ecessive force when tightening screws to prevent track deformation. Use cheese – head scews for best result. The surface to which the track is fixed must not be curved.

  • Determine a plane running vertically along the centre of a top track (e.g using a plumb line). Position the bottom pivot socket at a distance of Y mm from the side of wall of the recess (the dimension allows for 5mm buffer strip thinkness)

Y = 39mm.

Advice: When fixing the hinge, set the screws at the centres of the oblong holes, which will enable you to adjust the position in both directions.

  • Fold the door and set it in place so that the bottom pivot pin 15/3 sits in the socket 15/4. (See the assembly drawing below). Screw the top roller 15/5 bolt into the mounting block 15/6 using a 7mm open ended spanner. Using a 13mm open-ended spanner, unscrew  the pivot pin of top pivot pin block 15/2 into the socket 15/1. Move the locating screw block 15/8 to the stile and fasten the block. Determine the final door height and set it symmetrically in the opening. Use a level to plumb the door, repositioning the top pivot socket if necessary. Fasten the top pivot socket 15/1 and all lock nuts.
  • Advice : Exercise special care when installing doors. This operation should be performed by two persons.

  • By turning the top and bottom pivot pins (right-left), adjust the door vertically so that it is 3mm away from the wall when closed (this space will be filled by dust – stop brush strip). Fasten the top and bottom pivot sockets to keep them in place. Close the door and adjust the top roller axle so that the door weight is distributed evenly between the hinge and the roller. By turning the pivot pins , door to floor clearance can be adjusted between 7 and 17mm.

  • Close the door when adjusted. Align the locator 15/9 with the locating screw. Mark the postion of the locator screw. Mark the position of the locator and open the door. Fix the locator to the floor with screws.
  • NOTE: The locator ensures stable position of the door when closed.

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