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Made To Measure Technical Specification

Made to measure wardrobes technical features

  • E Top Track for easy installation and adjustment
  • 1 soft close per door as standard
  • Maximum opening height of 2480mm
  • Minimum recommended opening height of 1200mm
  • Maximum Opening width of 4555mm
  • Maximum door width of approx 1200mm-1220mm (varies slightly across the range)
  • Minimum recommended door width of 610mm
  • When installing, the Floor Track should be fitted back level with the back of the Top Track

Sliding Wardrobe Door Frame widths and overlaps between front and rear doors
Generally we will build your doors so that the overlap between front and rear doors is the same as the width of the door frame. We do this for aesthetic reasons only. You may notice that the door visualizer shows no overlap. This is just due to limitations in the software.

Made to measure wardrobes overlap and frame widths

BUDGET = 24mm Steel Frame
CLASSIC = 35mm Steel Frame
GLAM = 58mm Aluminium Frame
NEPTUNE = 34mm Steel Frame
VENUS ETCHED=34mm Steel Frame
REFLEX = 5mm Aluminium Frame
SHAKER = 75mm Steel Frame
MIRAGE = 36mm Aluminium Frame
SATURN = 31mm Aluminium Frame
SWITCH = 24mm Aluminium Frame
DOMALTI = 24mm Aluminium Frame
TESS MINIMAL= 9mm Aluminium Frame
BUDGET LOFT = 27mm Steel Frame

Made to measure wardrobes running Gear Durability

All our made to measure wardrobes wheels and guides are cycle tested to 100,000 opening and closing actions in accordance with ANSI BHMA A156.14, This is an American National Standard, created in conjunction with Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association. The reason we test to this standard is because it’s the most rigorous sliding wardrobe door standard in the world, and enables our hardware to be sold to the contract market in the USA, and enables us to confidently guarantee our running gear for 10 years of continuous use.

Made to measure wardrobes soft close durability

Our soft close system is tested to 40,000 open and closing actions in accordance with the German LGA Quality Directive, and RAL-GZ430 and DIN EN14749.
Minimum Door width for use with slow closure is 610mm.

Sliding Wardrobe Door Framing

All our made to measure wardrobes door frames are manufactured from either high grade roll formed steel, or extruded and anodised aluminium 6063-T5. This ensures a lifelong sturdy frame to your door, and will not be prone to damage or warping like some lower quality chipboard or MDF framed doors. They also have the advantage over wood in that they will not bow over time.

Made to measure wardrobes top and Bottom Tracks

Top and bottom tracks are also manufactured from either high grade roll formed steel, or extruded and anodised aluminium 6063-T5.

Top Track Width = 90mm & Bottom Track Width 57mm.


Sliding Wardrobe Door Mirror and Gloss Glass

High gloss glass panels are lacquered on the reverse face, to provide the highest quality gloss surface panels on the market. Mirror is high quality silver coated. All mirror and glass panels are safety laminated to pass BS6206, and Class 2B2 BSEN 12600. This ensures that you cannot fall through our glass or mirror panels, and if they were to break, then they crack in safe manner.

FSC Environmental Panels

All our panels are manufactured from FSC certified timber and particle board. FSC is the Forestry Stewardship Council certificate that guarantees our products come from environmentally managed sustainable forests.

Sliding Wardrobe Door Safety

As well as all our glass panels being safety laminated, our bottom wheels also come with an ‘anti jump’ device (shown in red in picture). This locks the wheel in the track to stop doors jumping clear of the track making our product the safest system on the market.

Dimensioned Cross Section

All dimensions in mm, and are nominal (i.e. subject to manufacturing tolerances). Soft close reduces available height adjustment by approximately 10mm. Aluminium and steel tracks are approximately the same dimensions

View our made to measure wardrobes.