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Aura Furniture Systems

Aura storage solutions are easy to create as well as being versatile and practical. Aura can be arranged in any number of ways, with a choice of shelves and drawers to create a stylish, wardrobe interior contemporary wall storage display or room divider for any home.

Steel stanchions 25mm thickness, shelving 25mm available in Oak & White.
Drawer units & shelves in both are available in 2 widths – 550mm & 900mm.
PLEASE NOTE: 550mm & 900mm SHELVES MAY REQUIRE TO BE CUT TO LENGTH (by installer) TO FIT YOUR SPACE. In our design tool the sections that are able to be cut back eg. Aura 1, Aura 9 will include the word 'VARIABLE'.

With a wealth of hanging, shelving and drawer components to decide from, you’ll be spoilt for choice. It’s flexible too - as your storage requirements change, you can move the modular components around to suit your needs. Stylish, practical and versatile - the perfect storage solution.

We have designed suggested layouts in our Interior Design Tool or you can also purchase individual components within our shop and design your own.

1.Telescopic post H 2110-2700mm x W 25mm
2.Small single shelf H 25 x W 550 x D 500mm
3.Large single shelf H 25 x W 900 x D 500mm
4.Small 2 drawer kit H 350 x W 550 x D 500mm
5.Large 2 drawer kit H 350 x W 900 x D 500mm 
6.Telescopic hanger bar rail W 700 - 1300mm
7.Fixed hanger bar rail W 550mm
8.Trouser rack H 25 x W 900 x D 500mm
9.Double shoe rack W 900mm

*please note
'Aura' drawer boxes & shelves are available in 550mm & 900mm widths.  Shoe & trouser racks are available in 900mm widths.

'Variable' means shelves or hangerbars can be cut back or shortened in width.

Aura Gallery

White interior
White interior