The Advantages and Disadvantages of Sliding Wardrobe Doors

ARE YOU CONSIDERING SLIDING WARDROBE DOORS IN YOUR HOME? Are you looking to invest in sliding wardrobe doors for your home? Not sure where to start? Here at Sliding Robes Direct, our team has put together the key advantages and disadvantages sliding wardrobe doors offer! We’re here to help, and this guide is an essential […]


Are you looking to invest in sliding wardrobe doors for your home? Not sure where to start? Here at Sliding Robes Direct, our team has put together the key advantages and disadvantages sliding wardrobe doors offer!

We’re here to help, and this guide is an essential read for anyone debating between sliding wardrobe doors or more traditional options! Please keep reading to see all the advantages and disadvantages our expert team came up with!

What are the Advantages of Sliding Wardrobe Doors?

Without a doubt, sliding wardrobe doors can offer a plethora of advantages – and this has led more people than ever to invest in these simple solutions for their own homes. Some of the most notable of these are presented as follows. Chances are, there’ll be a solution that resonates with your requirements.

-Stunning Aesthetics:

When it comes to investing in sliding wardrobe doors, it’s well worth considering the stunning aesthetic these can offer for your property. Indeed, one of the key selling points of sliding wardrobe doors is their sleek visual appeal. Whether you’re looking for a contemporary design to complement your modern home, or something more traditional, you’re sure to find something to suit you! With this in mind, manufacturers often work tirelessly to create sliding doors with an unparalleled design.

-Highly Practical Solutions:

Undoubtedly, sliding wardrobe doors are convenient options for many people – and there are numerous reasons behind this. Perhaps one of the most apparent reasons has to be the ease of access to your clothes and whatever else you choose to store in your wardrobe. With endless customs wardrobe interior options, you can make the best use of the space you have.

Unlike traditional options like hinged wardrobe doors, sliding wardrobe doors offer both interior and exterior space-saving options. With so many customization options available for your wardrobe interior, there’s always plenty of space for storing your clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and even household items that could otherwise be cluttered. Sliding wardrobe doors operate on a track system, with one door overlapping the other when opened, which means there’s no need to account for floor space outside your wardrobe, unlike hinged doors that need space to swing out.

-The Design Options are Numerous:

During the early days of sliding wardrobe doors, it’s irrefutable that the number of designs was a little more limited. However, in this day and age, countless manufacturers have jumped at the chance to provide premium-quality wardrobe solutions for their customers – triggering an explosion in the diversity and creativity of sliding door designs. No matter the look you might be going for within your home – be it bright and bold or rustic and relaxing – there’ll surely be a sliding wardrobe door solution that works for you! Additionally, with many manufacturers offering made to measure options, you will find the perfect fit no matter your space.

-You Don’t Have to Worry about Hinges Getting Strained:

With time and repeated use, traditional wardrobe door hinges can begin to get strained and worn out – but, with sliding doors, this isn’t something you need to worry about! Instead, because the weight of sliding wardrobe doors is distributed much more evenly, they tend to offer longer life and are far easier to maintain than a hinged door overall.

-Create the Illusion of More Space in your Room:

Many of us dream of having larger rooms– but with sliding wardrobe doors, you can achieve this aesthetic without the expense of moving to a larger property! Indeed, since sliding wardrobe doors are exclusively designed to take up less space when opened on your property, this helps you to customize your room’s layout more carefully with more space overall. Many sliding wardrobe doors come with mirror-fronted panelling; this can further help provide the illusion of more space for your home, helping ensure that even small rooms look their best.

What are the Disadvantages of Sliding Wardrobe Doors?

At this point, we’ve summarised the key benefits of sliding wardrobe doors – but no solution is perfect. With this in mind, it’s also worth considering the drawbacks of any solution before you make a final decision, and two of the most notable cons of sliding doors are summarised as follows.

-Sliding Doors are Delicate:

We’ve already pointed out that sliding doors are much easier to maintain thanks to their lack of hinges. However, as a new sliding door owner, you will still need to dedicate time to ensure that your doors are treated gently. Indeed, it’s not uncommon for mechanisms on sliding wardrobe doors to get damaged with rough use, so they’re likely not suitable solutions for boisterous little ones and the like!

-They Take Longer to Install:

A second drawback of sliding wardrobe doors that we should mention has to be their installation time. Indeed, sliding wardrobe doors offer an exceptionally high-quality finish. Still, the drawback is that they take a lot longer to install (due to all of the moving parts) than a standard wardrobe, which is often delivered almost ready to go.

Nevertheless, for many people, the installation time will be more than recouped with time savings when packing away and finding the most suitable outfits for each day. As such, this drawback is often negated in the long run anyway.

Are Sliding Wardrobe Doors Right For You?

If you’ve been looking to invest in sliding wardrobe doors for your home or commercial property alike, it’s well worth considering the different advantages and disadvantages these can offer. Do your best to organize the wardrobe space you have; for helpful tips on this, check out this blog by Style At Home. Don’t forget to consider the difference between fitted and freestanding wardrobes and why you would choose one over the other. For more content on topics such as “Did You Know Sliding Wardrobe Doors Can Help With Storage?” check out our blog. Here at Sliding Robes Direct, we do all we can to provide top quality products to every customer. Contact our great team today.

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