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Save up to 60% off High Street Prices

We deliver to customers throughout the UK and Ireland, with purpose-built sliding doors which are up to 60% cheaper than what you’ll find in high street stores. Whether you’re searching for made to measure doors, standard sliding doors, bespoke design wardrobes, wardrobe interiors, or bedroom furniture, we can help with our huge range of options. Sliding Robes Direct pride ourselves on our wide range of exceptional sliding wardrobe doors.

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Made to Measure Sliding Wardrobe Doors

SAVE upto 60% on Bespoke Sliding Wardrobe Doors Beautifully built sliding wardrobe doors at unbelievable prices. Contact us on 0333 210 6737 or email us.

Welcome to Sliding Robes Direct (Est. 1983) where you’ll find an incredible range of high-quality sliding wardrobe doors at an unbeatable price!

We deliver to customers all over the UK and Ireland, with purpose-built sliding doors which are up to 60% cheaper than what you’ll find in high street stores. Whether you’re searching for made to measure doors, standard sliding doors, bespoke design wardrobes, wardrobe interiors, glass doors, complete door kits or bedroom furniture, for sale, we can help with our huge range of options. Sliding Robes Direct pride ourselves on our wide range of exceptional sliding wardrobe doors.

High-quality designs custom-built in our factories

Quality is always a priority at Sliding Robes Direct and we can promise that you won’t find any substandard materials or inferior engineering in any of the quality furniture we sell. All of our sliding wardrobe doors are custom-built by hand in our own factories, after being designed by our highly-skilled technicians. We’re confident that you won’t find sliding wardrobe doors that are built better elsewhere! We have an absolute commitment to delivering incredible quality and insist on only using the very best products which have been sourced locally, in addition to specialist materials from across Europe and the US. Established in 1983, we have more than three decades of experience in the business and are one of the market leaders of sliding wardrobe systems in both the UK and Ireland. To read more about the fantastic quality of our wardrobe doors, just take a look at our testimonials and see what some of our previous customers have to say.

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Cheap sliding wardrobe doors

The best part of all is that you won’t have to pay a small fortune for our expertise as we are able to keep our prices low and our quality high. How do we do it? One of the ways is that we don’t have any high street showrooms – you won’t find us at any retail parks or in shopping centres. This means we can make lots of savings and pass those onto you, our customers. That doesn’t mean you can’t speak to us though – we’re always happy to talk to our customers and provide any help and advice you need. All orders are placed online but we’re only ever a phone call away if you need to query anything.

Easy to install

All of our sliding wardrobe doors are designed to be as easy to install as possible, whether you’ve opted for made to measure sliding doors or selected from our range of standard doors. Made to measure sliding wardrobe doors are the easiest of all to install as they just need to be screwed to the top and bottom tracks. If you’re not confident about tackling more complex DIY tasks, the made to measure wardrobe doors are a great pick as they’re quick and easy to install and simple enough even for DIY novices to succeed with! A professional installation is undoubtedly the simplest option but our standard sliderobe doors can also be installed easily enough by a general handyman, or anyone who has some experience of DIY. You’ll find step-by-step instructions in our Help section together with links to videos which offer a practical demonstration.

Mirrored wardrobe doors and much more

Are you looking for mirrored wardrobe doors? Or do you love the contemporary appeal of sliding glass wardrobe doors? Whatever your personal style, you’ll find there’s a vast arrange of sliding wardrobe doors, all available at the same rock bottom prices. Browse through our range of sliding wardrobe doors and you’ll find more options that you’ve ever dreamt of. From smooth, curving aluminum to high gloss paint and a variety of natural woods, the choice really is yours. Whether your decor is traditional, modern or delightfully unique, you’ll find our immense variety of styles, colours and finishes will help you find your perfect wardrobe doors. Why settle for a compromise elsewhere when your fantasy design is waiting to be discovered with Sliding Robes Direct!

Custom sliding doors

We know that wardrobes come in many shapes and sizes so alongside our range of standard doors, we offer a made to measure service. Are you trying to fit a wardrobe in a dormer or an attic? Not an issue with our range of angled wardrobe doors that can be made precisely to measure in either wood or glass. Maybe you’re looking for large wardrobe doors or your space is a bit of an awkward size? Our range of made to measure sliding doors means you can still have the style you want. From etched, contemporary designs to frameless mirrored wardrobe doors and classic wood, we offer a variety of configurations so you can make a style statement that is uniquely you. Shop our sliding wardrobe door collections today, you can even browse our catalogue of blogs and get inspiration where needed!

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most commonly asked questions, together with the information you need. If you can’t see the answer you need below or you need more details, please get in touch.

  • Do I need to purchase the tracks separately?

    No. Tracks are automatically included for both our standard sliding wardrobe doors and our made to measure designs. For standard doors, the tracks are provided in either white or silver while for made to measure designs, they match your order. All tracks supplied will need to be cut to the required length. You will need to purchase fixings such as screws

  • How do I measure the height and width?

    To get sliding wardrobe doors that fit your space, we recommend taking three measures of both the width and the height. For the width, use the largest measurement and for the height, use the shortest.

  • My walls are wonky! Does that matter?

    The wheels on the sliding wardrobe doors can be adjusted by up to 20-25mm in height automatically so don’t worry if your opening isn’t a perfectly even square. Although a square opening is preferable particularly for soft close designs, if there’s a bit of a slope to your wall, floor or ceiling, you can still place an order.

  • Do I need to order liners - and are these the same as strike plates?

    Yes, liners and strike plates are exactly the same thing. They are slender strips of wood that sit around your doors and help to provide an attractive frame. You can even up the dimensions of your opening by packing out liners, so they have a practical use too. Liners are entirely optional but they’re useful for walls with skirting boards, and we recommend they’re used for soft close doors being installed on carpet.

  • Do I need to take the measurement of the sliders into account?

    Wall and floor lines have a thickness of 18mm and this should be factored in when you’re calculating the size doors you need. You have the option of either deducting it yourself, or of adding a note during the checkout process. If you opt for the latter we will make the necessary changes to the dimensions in our factory during production. We will not make any changes automatically unless this information is provided during the checkout process.

  • Do I need to add VAT to the price?

    VAT is already included in the prices that you see; it’s automatically added at the rate of 20%.

  • How long will it take for my sliding wardrobe kit to arrive after I place an order?

    The length of time depends on whether you order a standard or a made to measure sliding wardrobe door. Standard doors typically take a week or less. We quote 3-4 weeks on made to measure sliding robes, but 90% of orders arrive within 3 weeks. It rarely takes the full 4 weeks for your new wardrobe doors to arrive.

  • Why can’t I order over the phone?

    Although we’re always at the end of the phone to provide advice and help, all our orders are made via the website. The reason for this is that it means that only your card provider will ever see your details, not us. This helps to protect your data and keep it as secure as possible.

  • Do the sliding wardrobe doors need to be installed professionally?

    The craftsmanship on our hand-built sliding doors is exceptionally accurate and this makes installation much easier. If you’re ordering a made to measure sliding door, you simply need to place in position and screw to the top and bottom. This means that even inexperienced DIYers may be able to comfortably manage the installation. Other installations require more work and we recommend that either an experienced DIY enthusiast or a professional is used to get the best result.

  • How long does an installation take?

    The length of the installation depends on the options you’ve chosen as some are simply a case of lifting the doors on and screwing them down, while others involve more complex measurements and cutting panels. The more complicated installations could be managed in a very long day, so if you’re hiring a professional, budget for a day and a half of work and you’ll be comfortably within that time frame.

  • How many people are needed to install sliding wardrobe doors?

    Almost the whole installation can be managed by one person working on their own. However, due to the size and the weight of the doors, a second person is needed for lifting the door onto the tracks. We also advise that two people carry the door upstairs to the required location, to prevent accidental damage.