Build Your Own Wardrobe

Do you need help finding the perfect built-in wardrobe for your home? Are you steadfast in having sliding doors on your fitted wardrobe? If so, you are in the right place; here at Sliding Robes Direct, we can offer you the chance to create your own fitted wardrobes.

Ideal for maximising space efficiency in your bedroom, building your wardrobe encourages a DIY spirit, blending functionality with aesthetic appeal. Whether choosing the perfect materials, colours, or layout, constructing your wardrobe fosters a sense of accomplishment and ensures that every inch of space is utilised effectively.

If you are ready to design and build your own fitted wardrobes, you are in the right place; our team at Sliding Robes Direct has been helping homeowners across the UK design their own fitted wardrobes for several years. Browse our wardrobe online builder or contact our team to discuss your new wardrobe today!

Please Note: Woodgrain texture: Single Panel doors will run from top to bottom (vertically); 3 and 4 Panel doors will run left to right (horizontally) This applies to all door ranges, standard and made to measure.

Mastering The Art Of Building A Fitted Wardrobe

Sliding Robes Direct specialises in providing 'Build Your Own Wardrobe' services tailored to fit your needs and room dimensions. Our expertise guides you through every step – from conceptualisation to installation. If you want to design your fitted wardrobe, you are in the right place; our wardrobe configuration tool is easy to use and provides the perfect wardrobe!

We provide a wide range of materials, finishes, and accessories, ensuring that your fitted wardrobe is not only a reflection of your style but also a pinnacle of functionality. When designing your fitted wardrobe, you want to choose everything that will work for you!

Our skilled professionals are here to offer support and advice, such as common mistakes homeowners make, making building your wardrobe an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

With our service, you get more than just storage; you get a custom-designed piece of your home crafted to perfection according to your vision and requirements.

More Than Just Custom-Built Fitted Wardrobes

At Sliding Robes Direct, we offer more than just custom-built fitted wardrobes; we provide a comprehensive solution for bespoke interior designs that transform your living spaces.
Our expertise extends to crafting elegant and functional internal storage options, including internal drawers and sophisticated interior lighting, ensuring every corner of your space is utilised and illuminated to its full potential.

We pride ourselves on offering a variety of door styles, with a particular focus on hinged doors that blend seamlessly into your home's aesthetics. Our commitment is to elevate your interiors with custom solutions that meet your storage needs and enhance your home's overall look and feel.

Whether it's a built-in wardrobe, a sliding wardrobe, or a unique storage unit, we are dedicated to delivering quality craftsmanship and design excellence in every project, making your interior spaces beautiful and practical.

Benefits Of Choosing Your Wardrobe Design

Choosing your wardrobe design offers many benefits catering to your aesthetic preferences and functional needs. You can design your wardrobes to fit your ceiling height and ensure the end panels reach wall to wall; you only need accurate measurements.

This personalised approach allows you to tailor every aspect of your wardrobe, from the layout and size to specific features like internal drawers and hinged doors, ensuring a perfect fit for your space and lifestyle.

A custom design means integrating unique elements like specialised interior lighting and internal storage solutions, enhancing your room's usability and ambience. Moreover, selecting your design fosters a sense of personal satisfaction and creativity as you truly bring to life your piece, reflecting your style and organisational preferences.

The flexibility of custom wardrobe design not only optimises your storage space but also contributes to a cohesive and harmonious interior, elevating the overall aesthetic of your home.

Customise Your Sliding Wardrobe Doors Today!

Please choose from our wide range of door designs and multiple finishes. Select the frame colour and panel colours you prefer. Our extensive selection of wardrobe doors allows you to customise and personalise your room.

If you want to avoid purchasing customised wardrobe doors, choose made-to-measure, standard doors, wardrobe interiors, glass doors or complete door kits. Get in touch today!

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