How Can Wardrobe Doors Enhance your Bedroom?

Wardrobes can enhance the look and feel of your bedroom. They can make use of space, create a decorative look and help you to store all your clothes and possessions effectively. When speaking strictly of wardrobe doors however, you enter an entire new realm altogether.

About Wardrobe Doors

Doors are available in a range of sizes, with made to measure options available, enabling you to create a look that you love. They can complement all the furniture you have in your bedroom and can also help you to bring an old wardrobe back to life.

When the time comes to update your bedroom and give it a fresh look, new wardrobe doors should be up there on the list of things you need to consider. Maybe you want a new bed or new bed sheets? Perhaps the walls could use a lick of paint or a new wallpaper covering? Following this, you might want to replace your furniture, bedside cabinets, dressing table or your wardrobe?

Different colours and finishes are available for wardrobe doors. You can opt for the more traditional wooden look or something more contemporary in the form of mirrored or gloss type doors. They can be purchased individually, in pairs or even in three’s, should you have a sliding door system that you wish to update. They can also be purchased with sliding rail systems or with hinges to replace the doors on your current wardrobe.


In most cases, wardrobe doors are easy to fit, providing you follow manufacturer guidelines or professional online tutorials. If you aren’t very good at DIY however, it might be worth calling the local handy-man or someone that experienced what it’s like to attach/install doors to an existing wardrobe.

Most wardrobe doors will come with instructions or you can take advice from the supplier/manufacturer. Sliding Robes Direct offer professional advice when it comes to installing new wardrobe doors and can help make sure your project runs smoothly from start to finish.

4 Reasons To Consider Purchasing New Wardrobe Doors

There are many reasons to consider purchasing new wardrobe doors for your bedroom or walk-in wardrobe at home. We have looked into these below.

It’s Easy to Create an Attractive Look

It’s easy to create a visually appealing look at home with new wardrobe doors. With glamourous, colourful, plain and budget options available, the power is in your hands to create a look you like the feel of and one which ties in nicely with the theme of your home.

Whether you like the look of high gloss, black doors or you prefer light shades of brown and wood to match your current furniture, there are plenty of options available to suit the ideas you have in your mind. If you can’t find what you are looking for, bespoke doors can be purchased for those of you looking to upgrade your wardrobe in a unique fashion.

Whatever your ambitions are for refurbishing your wardrobe, Sliding Robes can help you along the way. We have years pf experience when it comes to wardrobe doors, already providing hundreds of people with the doors they need to upgrade their wardrobe effectively.

Store Your Clothes Effectively

Wardrobes are primarily used for storing clothes, shoes and other accessories, so the doors should work properly right. We hear plenty of stories from people who have lived for too long with a broken wardrobe door, before eventually getting sick and tired.

There are many reasons why your doors might not work as they should though. There might be a problem with the track set, the hinges or the door itself. The door, or doors, might be physically damaged, causing the wardrobe to look nasty on the eye, or the wardrobe surrounding might not be as sturdy as it needs to be for the doors to function properly, causing them to open at the wrong angle or sit wonky when they are closed.

Having a fully functioning wardrobe is something most of us take for granted. Having a unit and doors which combine in unison to offer the perfect storage system is something to be admired. You can store your clothes and other personal belongings effectively without the worry of having to lift the door up to put it back in place again. Having new, attractive doors and a wardrobe that works properly are surely two perfect reasons to consider purchasing new wardrobe doors for your home.

Space Saving Opportunities

But wait, there’s more…

By considering a new wardrobe, you can pull together certain elements of your bedroom to create more space. Sliding panels can keep a lot of your possessions tucked away neatly in one organised system that looks great from the outside. The doors can move from side to side with ease, overlapping each other where necessary to let you see inside. Even with fitted wardrobes, all your storage is in one place, freeing up other areas of the room in question so that you can do more with the space.

The Bedroom is the Most Important Room in your House

What do you consider to be the most important room in your home? Is it your bathroom? The place where you can relax and unwind, freshen up and do the natural things us humans need to do. Is it your kitchen? The place where you cook dinners, make breakfast and grab a quick drink or a snack. Is it the living room? The place where you watch TV, read books by the fire, cuddle your spouse or play with the kids. Or is it your bedroom? The place where you spend most of your time, sleeping, relaxing, dressing up, dressing down and eating cookies on a lonely Sunday afternoon.

Your bedroom is a private place. It is safe, secure and comfortable. It looks after you, holds you while you sleep and prepares you for the day ahead, once you have finally woken up. You can showcase your prized possessions, ornaments and pictures, decorating the walls and floor the way you want, without feeling like you need to impress others. You can make a mess without fear of others seeing, chucking clothes around as if you were a child. You can also create order and uniformity, storing your possessions effectively in one place.

There’s argument to be had that other rooms are more important, for instance, the kitchen is where you make food, needed to survive. The bathroom is where you do your business, so this is surely just as important as any other? It’s a place to be hygienic, kill germs and look after your body. But even with those arguments made, the bedroom still scores higher than most when considering which room is the most important in the home.

With that said (and if you agree that the bedroom is the most valuable room in the home), why wouldn’t you want your bedroom to look and feel as good as it possibly can? Wardrobe doors are a great way to enhance the look of your bedroom, give an old wardrobe new life or create new storage space.

Shop Online for Wardrobe Doors from Sliding Robes Direct

Mirrored, varnished, wooden, glamourous, white, brown and black wardrobe doors can all be purchased online from Sliding Robes Direct. Whatever your needs are for finding new doors that fit your wardrobe, allow us to help you with your project. One of our dedicated team can help you to find a solution that meets your requirements and suits the ideas you have in your head.