Why Cheap Sliding wardrobe Doors are Bad!

Do You Want Cheap Sliding Wardrobe Doors Or Quality Doors At The Lowest Price?

A lot of people search online for cheap sliding wardrobe doors each month, though most people don’t really think about what this means. In the retail industry, the word cheap generally refers to the quality of the goods in questions, i.e. poor quality. On the flip side, consumers will often assume that the word cheap means low-cost (which it does), without giving much thought to what it is they are buying. The reality is, most people searching online for a product or service will want to find the best that they can, but at the lowest price. This is when the word ‘cheap’ might enter their calculations.

Why is this a problem?

Purchasing anything online strictly because it is cheap can lead to more problems further down the line. Let’s use ‘sliding wardrobe doors’ as an example.

A customer searches online for ‘sliding wardrobe doors’, only to find that they are rather expensive to purchase. The next step they take is to search for ‘cheap sliding wardrobe doors’, hoping to find products at a lower cost, which they inevitably do. The problem here is that the search results are different to the previous search, though the consumer is probably happy with this. A new list of websites is presented with products advertised as ‘cheap’ instead of focusing on quality. If this is what the consumer wants, then great. Chances are, the consumer just wants to save money, rather than purchasing poor quality doors that won’t last and will cost more money in the long run.

Why to Avoid Cheap Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Why To Avoid Cheap Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Be aware! – searching online for something cheap is usually a bad idea. Purchasing cheap sliding wardrobe doors online might help you to save money in the short-term, but you will usually be purchasing a far worse product than you were hoping for, rather than the best value doors. This will mean you have to replace the doors far quicker than if you’d looked for the best value doors in the first place.

Anyone in the industry will tell you that sliding wardrobe doors are NOT CHEAP if they are NOT MADE TO LAST. It’s better to look for high quality sliding wardrobe doors at the best price available to ensure you don’t encounter problems further down the line.

Different Options For Low-cost, High Quality Wardrobe Doors

Sliding Robes Direct offer a wide range of sliding wardrobe doors at excellent prices, with both low-end and high-end products available on our website.

Below, we have listed some of our best value sliding wardrobe doors, available at excellent prices to suit smaller budgets:

  • Budget – If you are looking for simplicity with your sliding wardrobe, this traditional design will provide you with an answer.
  • Classic – Choose from a variety of frame finishes, with wood panels or a combination of both wood and glass.
  • Shaker – A timeless design, offering you the flexibility to create a traditional or contemporary look.
  • Reflex – The Reflex range is influenced by Italian design, delivering a bold statement in any modern room. Minimal frames allow the panel colours to dominate the design.

It’s a wise idea to shop around when looking for best-value or so-called ‘cheap’ sliding wardrobe doors; especially if you care more about saving money than the quality of the doors.

‘sliding Wardrobe Doors Made To Measure Cheap’

If you haven’t got a large budget, you might be wondering what the best options are for you. The best value doors are the ones you can afford, that will look great in your home and will serve you well for many years to come. There’s no point looking for the cheapest doors out there to save money if they don’t look good and they won’t last very long. If you have the time to do so, we’d always advise consumers to save up just a little bit longer to afford the slightly more expensive doors.

Made to measure doors understandably cost slightly more than doors of a standard size. Opting to go cheap, cheap, cheap when looking for MTM wardrobe doors is a bad idea in itself. Not only could you end up with poor quality doors, made from poor quality materials, you might also end up with badly cut doors from an unprofessional company that prides itself on offering the ‘cheapest sliding wardrobe doors on the market’.

For those of you on a budget/trying to save money, Sliding Robes Direct has a made to measure sliding wardrobe builder which allows you to test and trial different designs. Mix and match different panels and frames, altering the specifications with different materials and finishes to influence the overall price of the doors and see how different designs will affect the price. This will help you to find the most affordable option with a design that works for you.

Shop Online For Sliding Wardrobe Doors

If you are looking to buy DIY cheap sliding wardrobe doors, we’d recommend shopping around to find the best value doors on the market.

With over 30 years of innovative experience, you can feel confident that the doors you purchase from SRD are of high quality, available at excellent prices to suit a range of budgets.